Derping a Herp


Hey guys, gals and whatever you title yourself as! Welcome to my introduction.

I'm quite a silly person from Scandinavia. My hobbies include talking, derping with friends, drawing, roleplaying, creating comics (ideas), crafting things and so on!

Sadly, my laptop is rather slow right now (lags by MS paint, i say.), so I usually hang out on my phone. Feel free to ask me about my Skype and chat; like i said, I enjoy talking and meeting new folks, so I’m not scary! I won’t bite you! 

But thanks to me hanging out on my phone, I can’t draw much or work on my sideblogs or anything, so most of it is on freeze until i can fix that.

(As soon as i get to change my room a bit, I’ll spend my money I’ve earned to get a much better and stationary computer.)

Speaking of earning, I’m a person that’s unemployed right now, but hopefully I will have a work soon, thus I’ll either get super active or super inactive; depending on how much i’ll roll my thumbs at the work. (Last workingplace I could be idle for 8 hours; a complete day). Though, I will go back to studies within a year.

Other than that, I enjoy generating ideas. If so be on my personal comic that still is rather disclosed for tumblr, or roleplaying and creating settings. I love having RP’s with Own Characters, so feel free to hit me up if you are interested!

Otherwise I sometimes jump around on HomeStuck RP sites as John. (I sadly feel unfomfortable with playing most other characters, though I’ve heard I’ve done well on most kids and trolls; even guardians.) I love making AU’s, as much as I love creating things of other kinds.

Well, this was at least a small introduction. Toodles!

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